So I have always known that swimming was a good workout.  But until yesterday, I didn’t realize just HOW good of a workout it could be!  But a little background to start.

I’ve always been a big guy, at least since about 6th grade… both tall and weight.  I did lots of activities including baseball, wrestling, football, basketball… but I am pretty sure I was probably in a lot better shape when I was spending every waking moment I could at the local swimming pool in Blanding, Utah.  I have no proof of this really.  But it is what I did for the entire summer.  I was even a lifeguard for a while!  I guess I took for granted what playing in the water could do for me.

Doing some research (which wasn’t hard) yesterday showed that even just leisurely swimming – not lap swimming or swimming hard – for 1 hour burned 876 calories for me.  WHAT!?  It takes me an hour of running, jogging and walking as hard as I can to burn about that much, but I can do that by just leisurely swimming around a pool?

What people don’t realize is that every movement in the water is resisted and that means you burn more calories while doing it.  Underwater running… great exercise and easy on the joints!  Doggy paddle… may seem juvenile but burns the butter!  Lap swimming… even greater energy burned!

If you’re looking to burn some calories and hate the gym, try the pool.  I don’t have a pool body but it is my new supplemental exercise.

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