Glad today is Friday.  Not only for the obvious reasons of no work and date night and relaxing, but just not having to workout for a couple of days.  I still do stuff on the weekend; sometimes we go swimming, my wife and I go on a walk on Sunday… so I don’t just laze about.  But I do like that I don’t have to make sure I get to the gym.  Also excited to weigh.  Nervous also, but excited.  Other than the weekend excitement, I had a normal day.  Nothing too exciting in the food or weight loss department.


Breakfast: 2 eggs and 2 bacon
Snacks: Carbmaster strawberry colada yogurt and some zucchini chips
Lunch: Pizza Ravioli Bake
Dinner: Sausage and bean tacos
Snack/Dessert: Fudgey Brownie and some Peanut Butter


C25K – 2.9 miles in 42 minutes

Squats 5×5:

Bench Press 5×5:

Barbell Rows 5×5:

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