Technically the last day of the 30 Day Shred for level 2, but I am going to do it again tomorrow morning.  I don’t want to start level 3 and then be gone for a few days camping.  I still can’t get all the way through the workout without stopping a time or two, some of those moves are just tough.  But I feel better doing it, and I am pretty sure I am improving from day 1.  Hopefully when I finish day 10 of level 3 I will be in a lot better shape.  That’s what Jillian promised me!

I also purchased a new workout DVD set.  Thankfully, our local K Mart is going out of business so everything was on sale.  Got a 12 disc workout set along with pushup grips for $25.  Not bad!  Not sure how good the workout is, but reading the box it seems pretty awesome.  I’ll probably start doing it after the 30 Day Shred is done.


Post Workout – Low carb/high fiber turkey wrap
Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with a turkey frank
Snacks – Carbmaster Caramel Spice Cake yogurt and some string cheese
Lunch – Chicken Marinara Bake
Dinner – Spinach Lasagna
Dessert – Chocolate peanut butter protein shake with almonds


Day 20 (day 10 of level 2) of the 30 Day Shred

C25K – 4.36 miles in 60 minutes

Swimming and Aqua Zumba

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