Why am I mixing these two together?  Why am I posting this now?  Cuz I’m campin’!  That’s right… up in the mountains, out in the woods, away in a manger… wait.  Anyway, I don’t want to deal with feeling bad that I missed a day so I will just let you know what I am eating.   Can’t really tell you of any exercises I might do because I don’t know yet.  But there will definitely be some hiking involved.  Also going to relax of course… isn’t that what camping is for?

Today I feel so much better than I have during the week.  My back doesn’t hurt the second I stand up, I only feel a slight twinge of pain there.  Hopefully camping won’t make it worse.  I know sleeping on the ground or air mattress or whatever is not going to be the best, but hopefully it just leaves me alone and lets me enjoy.

I did splurge a little at lunch, I knew I could fit it into my calories and so I did it… and I loved it.


Breakfast – 2 egg omelet with turkey frank and a Carbmaster Black Forest Cake yogurt
Snack – Carbmaster Caramel Spice Cake yogurt
Lunch – Pepperoni pizza and a caesar chicken salad wrap
Dinner – Hot Dogs on high fiber/low carb tortilla and some chips
Dessert/Snack – Fudgie Brownie


None (unless you count my daily walks at work, packing and unpacking, setting up tents and stuff, probably more walks while camping… it’s a small vacation people!)

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