Had a pretty busy day today and while I enjoyed being busy, I also realize how much I enjoy just being able to relax.  But after working out, going to the eye doctor, working out again, making dinner and swimming… I’m spent!  I had a massive calorie burn day and didn’t really eat a whole lot.  I’m sort of wanting to eat more but I just finished my protein shake and I’m feeling good.  So oh well, it can help make up for Sunday when I was at about half of my calorie deficit.


Breakfast – Turkey wraps
Lunch – Teriyaki chicken and a single chicken nugget
Dinner – Meatloaf in a tortilla and garlic green beans
Dessert – Protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bran


18 minutes of Tabata

60 minutes of jogging, walking and going at a steep incline (didn’t check the mileage)

Swimming (but mostly playing with my daughter)

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