This is certainly NOT the healthiest food in the world.  But it was damn delicious, so I had to post it for others to try.  You can always find  ways to reduce the calories if you choose, but it tastes a LOT like a Big Mac.

Big Mac Casserole

1 cup white onion, chopped small
5 dill pickle spears, chopped small
1 1/2 pounds uncooked 96% lean ground beef
9 slices Borden 2% Singles American Cheese slices
1 tube reduced-fat crescent roll dough
1 head iceberg, shredded
Light Thousand Island dressing to taste (1-2 tbs per serving)

Saute onion and chopped pickles with ground beef. When browned, drain well & spread in 9×13 or 8×11 pan.
Fit one layer of cheese slices over the meat mixture. Take crescent rolls out of package, unroll the sheet and place on top of the cheese and meat mixture; poke vents for steam.
Bake at 375 for 17 minutes or until crescent rolls are browned. Serve over a bed of shredded lettuce topped with thousand island dressing for each serving.

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