Sorry this is a little late.  I’ve had a rather busy morning already.  But enough about today…

Yesterday was fantabulous!  As usual, we had to do the grocery shopping which is always an exciting adventure.  We also went and looked at some clothes (I bought a shirt that wasn’t black or grey) because I need to expand my wardrobe some.  We also had our delicious Sunday pizza (basically every Sunday that we don’t have family dinner we eat pizza) and we watched a lot of our current TV show (current for us, since it’s streaming on Netflix).  I also played a little Call of Duty, went on a walk with my wife and just had a nice, lazy Sunday.


Brunch – Pizza and a Chicken Bake
Dinner – Pizza
Dessert – Fig Newtons with peanut butter and chocolate syrup and a protein shake with Cracklin’ Oat Bra


Walked 3.2 miles with my wife in the nice, crisp evening

4 thoughts on “Day 105… Sunday, Sunday (Babaaaababababaaaa)

  1. Yeay for branding out into non black or grey shirts…I am getting the hang of colour…slowly…

    And Yeay for me not being the Bly one to write blog posts with music references in the title 🙂

    1. For some reason that song was in my head so I had to use it, even though I THINK it’s Monday, Monday…

      1. Unfortunately, I don’t know the “I Don’t Like Mondays” song 😦

        And yeah, that’s it. I probably could have saved it for a Monday, but I was singing it in my head while thinking of a title so I used it.

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