Luckily I didn’t need any myself.

I don’t expect gyms and rec centers or any other place that has exercise equipment to spend time and money making sure that every piece of equipment is kept in pristine condition.  It does make one wonder how much they really care about the quality of their equipment.  Do these places have someone who inspects them regularly or do they simply wait until someone complains about something and then take care of the problem?  If I had to guess, it would be the latter.

Wednesday wasn’t a good day.  Well, that’s not fair.  The day was fine, but one small bump in the road sort of ruined it all.  I had gone to the gym as I normally did and was working out.  Trying out my new weight training/circuit training routine.  It was going well and there weren’t too many people in the gym so I wasn’t in a huge hurry.  I was nearing the end of my routine on the lat pulldown machine when tragedy struck.  The bar that you grip is slightly higher above me than I can reach while sitting, so after doing my first set I decided to let go and reach down to pick up my notebook to input the weight which caused it to flip around in the air.  Unfortunately, it isn’t high enough to miss my head while doing this and the edge of the bar cracked my head.  Just to note, the bar has rubber grips but they are – of course – worn out and broken so the metal is exposed.

For those who really know me, they know that head trauma doesn’t hurt me much.  I have had chunks of concrete, edges of car trunks, a diving board and numerous other things bounce off my skull without causing me much pain.  Unfortunately, the lack of pain does not mean a lack of damage.  As I bent over to pick up my book, I noticed blood pouring down my face and onto the floor.  That’s not good… I reached up and touched my head and pulled back my hand drenched in crimson.  Suffice it to say, I had a boo boo.

I tried to clean up the mess as best I could while stymieing the flow, but it wasn’t working well, so I simply headed to the office and frightened 4 little teenage front desk workers with my blood-drenched face (I wish I had taken a picture).  They called the lifeguards and one came and helped clean me up and made sure there wasn’t much damage.  The red shower that happened was because I was sweating so much it made it look much worse than it was.  I then went home, showered, glued my head back together and enjoyed my night.

What really upset me were two things.  First of all I had to cut my workout short.  At least it was kind enough to let me get to the end before happening, but I wish I could have finished the rest.  Second of all was the meat-head in the weight room who looked over at me walking by and broke out laughing.  Normally I probably would have said something, but I figured it might be a health hazard to punch a guy in the throat while I was covered in my own blood.  But what kind of asshat just laughs at someone who has blood pouring down their face?

Sometimes I wonder why I’m surprised at the world anymore.


Breakfast – Homemade Egg McMuffin
Snacks – Pumpkin bread and pork jerky
Lunch – Beef Stroganoff
Dinner – Sausage and bean tacos
Dessert – Twix and donuts


An hour+ of walking at work

5×6 Circuit Training

Sets 1-3 Sets 4-5
Military Press – – 85 lbs 85 lbs
Shrugs  – – 50 lbs/hand 45 lbs/hand
Front Shrug Swings – – 40 lbs 40 lbs
Hammer Curls – – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand
Cuban Press – – 25 lbs/hand 20 lbs/hand
Decline Seated Curls – – 25 lbs/hand 25 lbs/hand
Front Shoulder Press – – 35 lbs 35 lbs
Chest Press – – 40 lbs/hand 40 lbs/hand

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