Scheel's Gift Card

The challenge is over!

Okay, so it was officially over about 5 days ago, but the anticipation for any sort of victory has finally been vanquished by me receiving my coveted prize.

A $50 gift card to Scheels.

This may not be a new car or an iPad like my sister won once or a trip to a party in California like my brother-in-law won… but it’s still a win!  Even if Denver held on for as long as they could and force overtime, the Patriots still won that game.  So I am definitely not going to complain about getting 50 free bucks to Scheels.  I can get ammo, use it towards a new firearm, use it for some exercise stuff… lots of things I can do.

When I went to pick up my gift card I was asked if it was worth walking over 26 miles to get a $50 gift card.  To be honest, I never thought about that.  As I mentioned in previous posts, I am a competitive douchebag so WHAT I won didn’t really matter to me.  Winning was what I wanted.  I wanted to beat the guy who was beating everyone else, and I did that.

To be fair, he only ended up winning one thing.  He won the most steps by a male through the 4 week challenge.  My sister won the most by a female, I won the most in 1 day and another team won the most steps by a team.  So it’s not like he would have won every possible prize if I hadn’t beat him.

But it still felt good.

Anyway, Thursday was another busy day.  Work was crazy and I was honestly very close to taking Friday off.  Sometimes things happen at work and I seem to be the one who has to pick up the brunt of it.  I have great teammates who pick up the slack on things I’m not able to get to, but when the poop comes down the chute, I’m the one waiting at the bottom with a bucket a lot of times.

After work I watched some television with my wife, then went to my daughter’s choir recital (she did great though she stares out at us waaaay too much… almost creepy), and then went and conducted some business to get me some monies.  All legal, of course.

My week of being lazy is almost done.  I’m taking advantage of this weekend and relaxing as much as I can before I get back into the grind on Monday.

Waking up in 2 degree weather to run is going to suck.


Breakfast – Burritos
Snacks – Granola bars
Lunch – Hash Brown Casserole
Snacks – Donuts
Dinner – Chicken bake and pizza



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