Day 291… Nap Power!

I'm not much of a person for naps.  Generally when I take a nap I feel even worse.  There are - of course - times that I am just too tired to not take a nap.  And when my wife is feeling under the weather and wants to take a nap herself it just makes … Continue reading Day 291… Nap Power!

Day 290… Midweek Lazy Day

So as I mentioned yesterday, I wasn't able to go out and run today.  I was starting at the gym at work and required a lock so I had to find time to get one.  Unfortunately, that meant that I had to go early in the morning to purchase one.  That meant I skipped my … Continue reading Day 290… Midweek Lazy Day

Quinoa Burgers

Delicious quinoa burgers my wife has made.  They aren't the easiest (or cheapest) thing to make but quite delicious.  If they were easier, I would almost prefer them over some hamburgers (yes, I went there). Ingredients: 2 full/rounded cups cooked quinoa 3/4 cup shredded cheese (I prefer mozzarella) 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese 1 medium … Continue reading Quinoa Burgers