Super Bowl 48

“Hey, anybody see the Bruno Mars concert last night?  Apparently there was a football game during the show.”

“Anybody find the game on TV last night?  There was supposed to be one but all I saw was a violent beatdown.”

Yeah, it was a terrible game.  It is a tough day to be a Broncos fan.  I believe that I am the only person in my entire building (maybe the world?) who is actually wearing a Denver Broncos shirt.  Guess that’s proof that – despite being embarrassed heavily – I am still a true fan.

Anyone who didn’t watch the game last night didn’t miss much.  The Seahawks dominated the Broncos and I will admit that for the first time ever I turned off the Super Bowl.  I watched teams I care nothing about in the past from start to finish, but I couldn’t finish watching this game.  The game was horrible, the commercials were terrible, and so my wife and I decided to play Mario on the Wii instead.

Does the fact that I turned the game off negate me wearing my shirt today?

Besides the terrible football game, the weekend was quite nice.  My niece was involved in the State Championship for Drill Team (they did not place sadly, I won’t go into the issues there), got to have dinner with Fire and Icemy mother, and got to go on a date with my lovely wife.  We went to the Fire and Ice festival which was nice (and cold) and had a delicious dinner.  I love spending time on dates with my wife.  I know I’ve said this before, but if you aren’t dating your spouse you’re doing it wrong.  My wife and I also decided to join a weight loss challenge.

This is a challenge I have done a couple of times.  Back in 2009/2010 I joined one where I ended up taking 2nd place and winning some money along with losing close to 150 pounds.  Then I attempted to do it again last spring but failed.  This time I am determined to do a lot better.  As I said when I joined their competition, I am not restricting food so much as how much I eat.  I want to lose weight, I want to win the money, but I don’t want to yo-yo like most do when doing these things.  I’d rather lose weight and keep it off… that would be the real win.



5 miles on the treadmill


20 minutes of HIIT
5 minutes on the stair-climber
20 minutes on the elliptical

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