Sunday night brings a lot of contemplating. It’s the day before the week starts up again and the lady day of your ignorant bliss. It’s where you get to look back on all you did during your free time.

Unfortunately for me, it brings to life many bad decisions I make.

I know I’ve gone over how I struggle with food on unstructured days before, but throw in a celebration like a birthday and we have a whole new ballgame.

I’m getting ahead of myself however.

Friday was a pretty decent day. Work was work and my workout wasn’t anything extraordinary other than I continue to debate on if squats are worth it. My back doesn’t seem to be getting any more used to the than it was in the past. The are days I’m worried that the pain is going to flare up again and I’ll miss more work or have to go to the doctor again. I know leg with is important and squats are one of the best ways to do it but it might be time to hang up the squat belt for good.

Saturday was another day of getting beat down in karate. Not only did we spar and work on pads but we were once again hit with the wooden sword (he said the name of it a few times but I didn’t remember it and it’s not a bokken.) My chest, abdomen, arms and shoulders are quite bruised… mostly from sparring. I ever got beat on by a 4’8″ woman (how do I hit a woman in the chest? It feels wrong.) And while I’m sore and hurting I also feel good and more dedicated. More on that later.

I then went to Pompeii with my wife, ate some delicious Brazilian food and enjoyed a few games of pool.  Pompeii was a pretty good movie though I’m not sure I’d pay full price to see it if I could go back.  It was a lot like The Gladiator with a twist of Dante’s Peak thrown in.  Not terrible, not a blockbuster.


Finally, Sunday brought on my lovely wife’s birthday and lots of delicious food of which I happily partook. We had grilled chicken, garlic green beans and cheesy potatoes. We also had blueberry muffins and “better than life cake” which is horribly delicious. Throw in birthday breakfast with the kids and a birthday chocolate donut and we’re looking at a bad day for food.

This is especially sad when I talked to my wife on Saturday about how I want to change how I am training.  I have been reading about some of these guys who have gone through the 100 man kumite or trained to be excellent martial artists and what I do is nothing.  Walking around (which is hardly pushing yourself though I know it is beneficial) and spending 1-2 hours training per day really isn’t a whole lot.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or freedom to train for hours on end as I have a job and want to spend time with my family and wife.  That means I have to make more time if I really want to better myself.  So I have decided I am going to try a few different things.  Or maybe not so different…

1) 20 minutes of running every morning – Since I started lifting again I only get in about 20-30 minutes of running every other day.  This way, I can get in my running and spend the full time lifting every other day.

2) 5 pushups/situps/crunches/walking planks starting at 5 sets per day – Basically I am going to do 5 reps of these 5 times per day until I start either increasing the reps or increasing how many sets I do.  I will spread these throughout the day.

3) Spend the entire time I am at the gym M/W/F lifting.  Squats may be out the window but that doesn’t mean I am going to give up lifting.  Building strength is important so I want to focus more on this instead of rushing through a Stronglifts program.  I am going to research some good programs to do those 3 days.

4) Spend the 2 hours of kyokushin karate pushing myself as much as possible.  I get tired just like everyone else does, but I know that as you push yourself you better yourself.

So that is sort of my goal.  It isn’t anything like Judd Reid’s story (thanks Ron) where he was hand-picked by Mas Oyama to train for 1,000 days and then won the 100 man kumite.  It isn’t anything like Mas Oyama himself who dedicated his life to martial arts and reportedly fought in a 300 man kumite (100 men each day).  It isn’t the same sort of training football players do each day or UFC fighters or anyone else.  But it is what I can do to push myself while maintaining the balance with work and family.

Exercise on Friday:

An hour+ of walking at work

2.36 miles on the treadmill

Cable Machine Core Press – 7 x 20 seconds/side @ 40 pounds

Stronglifts 5×5
Squats  – –  210 lbs
Overhead Press – –  100 lbs
Deadlifts – –  245 lbs

Exercise on Saturday:

2 hours of Kyokushin karate

Exercise on Sunday:

A nice walk with my wife in the pre-spring afternoon

2 thoughts on “Day 285, 286 & 287… Bruises, Birthdays and Betterment

    1. Yeah, I still haven’t gotten it completely figured out, but I have a rough idea of what I’m doing. I think I am going to switch gyms before I can really do the weight lifting program I want to do. Too many cooks in this kitchen.

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