So I initially was going to start my “new” program in March but I decided that it was better to just start.  Far too often I find myself putting things off until a different time when I could easily start them now.  So that’s just what I did.

Monday found me starting my new exercise program and it started off with a bang.  I woke up shortly before 4 in the morning, ran for 20 minutes plus a little bit of a cooldown.  I then did my first bit of “quick-xercises” (I suppose this is my new name for the exercises I am doing daily), hit the shower and headed to work.  There, I did my normal bit of walking around every chance I got and did my work.  Once at home, I did the second bot of my “quick-xercises” then hit the gym.


This is where it got tough.  I had a rough idea of a good circuit training program I wanted to do (I didn’t want to go back to my old routine) but there are always far too many people at my local gym.  Since circuit training requires you use multiple pieces of equipment, I have to either be a douchebag and horde everything I need or wait for others who use the equipment I need in between my sets.  It is far too difficult to get done efficiently.  Thus, I have decided I will try my gym at work.  There are normally fewer people there and I think it will be easier to get through it all.

After completing a rough idea of my lifting, I headed home and did my third bit of “quick-xercises”, hit the shower again and spent some time with the wife and kids.  We had dinner, I took one of my daughter’s out to buy a book and have a little dessert and I came home to watch some television with my wife.

There, I folded some laundry, did round four of the “quick-xercises” and finished watching television until it was time for bed.  I did the last round of “quick-xercises” and (soon will be) hit(ting) the hay.

This is a lot of activity and I hope that it pans out.  I hope it helps me train better, I hope it helps me lose weight, I hope it helps me feel better and I hope it doesn’t become too overwhelming.  If it does, I suppose I’ll figure out a new thing to do.

I always do.


Breakfast – Strawberry banana protein shake
Snacks – Protein bar and trail mix
Lunch – Chicken quesadilla
Dinner – Chicken nuggets
Dessert – Peanut butter cookie


1.95 miles of running

An hour+ of walking at work

Circuit training (will not go into detail just yet until I get everything figured out) for 1 hour

“Quick-xercises” – 5 reps x 5 sets (pushups, crunches, sit ups and walking planks)

2 thoughts on “Day 288… Starting Anew (again)

  1. Well done for taking the decision to just get on and do it. I like the idea of those quick-xercises – great way to get active without it feeling like a chore. Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I like doing them as well. It literally takes a few seconds and it means I get at least 25 push-ups, sit ups, crunches and walking planks in each day. I know I would have a tough time doing all of that in a row so spreading it out makes it possible.

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