It’s been long enough that I should just let this go, but figured I’d finish it off…


As I stated in a couple of previous (and only) Completely Random posts, I sort of became addicted to the “Let It Go” song like almost everyone else win the world.  I preferred one version from Caleb Hyles while also enjoying other versions.  But the main reason this all came to a head with me is because of the blog post done by a …let’s say highly paranoid woman that I shouldn’t even give credit to.  She claims in her post that the movie Frozen is nothing but a way for Disney to normalize homosexuality.  Of course, she adds to her blog that:

Sidebar: Let me be very clear about one thing, I am not anti-gay nor am I here to judge homosexuals not worthy of their rightful and respectful place among society. However, I draw the line at the idea of redefining traditional marriage to include homosexual relationships, as equal.

This is her way of explaining away her bigotry and trying to say that she isn’t against gay people nor is she judging them, she is simply writing a huge blog post about how wrong it is to let people watch Frozen if you don’t agree with same-sex marriage because it says that being gay is normal and you should come out of the closet and not be scared of your sexuality and saying that same-sex marriage should be viewed as normal.  I don’t know about you, but the whole blog stinks of being anti-gay and judgmental.

But I’m not going to go into judging this woman as that would make me a hypocrite.  She has her beliefs and there is really nothing that anyone can say that will make her change her mind.  It’s sad that she wants to take a fun, innocent cartoon that is based very loosely off of a Hans Christian Anderson story.  But it got me thinking…

Why Frozen?

I really don’t understand why this is the story she chose to call out.  Maybe it is due to all of the fighting going on with same-sex marriage in the media and in courts.  Maybe she believes that the movie was created simply for this.  If I were to pick on a Disney film it would be things like Mulan which obviously condones transgender/transsexual behavior.  This was LONG before Frozen came along.  How could she possibly miss this connection?  Then there’s the sexual references in the Toy Story movies (Woody, a Buzz toy… come on) or Snow White moving in with 7 guys obviously saying that polyandry is a good thing.  Maybe it is Alice in Wonderland with all the drugs and alcohol she took, or The Little Mermaid where she willingly changes herself for the man she loves because he wouldn’t love her the way she is (isn’t that the message we should tell all our daughters?)  Disney is full of this type of stuff!

Essentially, she got tons of people to visit her blog, caused an uproar all over the internet and got people talking about her (including me).  This is probably her goal.  I find it hard to believe someone really wants to dig that deep into a Disney movie.

Peter Pan must driver her CRAZY with breaking one of the commandments.

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