Does Not Compute

…sleep necessary… unable to comply.

This is what I felt like on Wednesday.  Gidget has to be one of the cutest most lovable dogs I’ve ever seen but she – unfortunately – wasn’t a sleeper.  Tuesday night was nothing but a fight with me and the dog.  She wanted to be in our bed but wouldn’t stay, then she wanted on again.  She barked, she scratched, she didn’t want to be alone.  I know that dogs bark and you just need to teach them not to, but in a condo it is hard because I really don’t want the neighbors complaining and forcing us to get fined.  I also know anxiety can lead to issues like this.  But after minimal sleep on Monday because of the new pup and no sleep at all on Tuesday… I had to do something.

I called the humane society and they said that perhaps her previous owner worked the graveyard shift so she wanted to be up at night.  That’s great and all, except I don’t work the graveyard shift anymore.  I even gave in and let her sleep in our bed but she just wouldn’t do it.

The other issue was that she completely refused to walk.  I don’t just mean going on walk, I mean walking even outside to go to the bathroom.  Harness or collar, it didn’t matter.  She would dig her legs into the ground and refuse to go anywhere.  My wife took her on a walk and she stopped dead in the road and refused to move.  She had to be picked up and carried back home because she wouldn’t come unless she was dragged.

All of this lead to me exchanging her.  It was incredibly tough and just sucks that after only 2 days I can be so attached to a dog.  I do hope that someone else takes her in, someone who works the graveyard shift or maybe an elderly person or couple who don’t want to go out as often and don’t mind just cuddling with her.

In exchange for Gidget I picked up Max.  Max looks almost identical to Gidget but is her polar opposite.  He isn’t frightened of everything, doesn’t want to be in your lap or against your leg every second, doesn’t need to sleep in your bed and – best of all – doesn’t stay up all night.  He is already crate trained so that makes it so much easier to get him used to being with us.  He slept just fine last night in his crate and – other than barking this morning after I left for work – has been pretty darn good.  He likes to walk, loves to run, and is just a much more compatible dog.

That is what I spent most of my day doing yesterday.  But I was still able to hit up the gym after work.  I had to stay a little late at work so I was not able to do everything, but I did focus on the resistance training which is probably the more important part to focus on.  I also didn’t just do my 3×5-8 like I have been doing, I decided to try and find my 1 rep max (1RM) for the three exercises I did which were squats, bench press and deadlift.  I know that 1RM is not the most important thing in the world, but it is good to know regardless.  I don’t plan on doing it weekly, but maybe once per month I will spend more time on 1RM to see if I am making any progress with my strength.

I was pretty disappointed in my bench press and even in my squats, but my deadlift wasn’t too terrible.  I know it’s not Olympic level lifting or anything but not bad for an old, overweight, out-of-shape guy who is just working to lose weight and stay strong.  Sometimes it is also nice to just do slow, deliberate lifting instead of trying to hurry through the metabolic lifting as well.

My major concern is my back with the squats and the deadlift but I used my lifting belt and don’t feel much pain today.  It’s a little tender in the back but nothing different than normal.  Hopefully that means my core is getting a bit stronger and my back isn’t doing so much work.  It would be nice to not have the back pain which (knock on wood) hasn’t been too much of a problem lately.  The only problem I’ve had in fact is still waiting for the facility team to put in my sit/stand station.  Talk about pulling teeth…


Breakfast – 3 garlic eggs in a tortilla
Snacks – Protein bars and a bagel
Lunch – Chicken quesadillas
Dinner – Turkey tacos
Dessert – Cracklin’ Oat Bran and barley nuggets

Exercise will be filled in later as I left the paper at home

3 thoughts on “Day 311… Does Not Compute

  1. awww, shame about gidget, I hope she gets a nice new, more compatible home!
    Welcome to Max though 😀

    I have no Idea waht my 1RM is for anything…I am always on my own so I don’t want to try it just in case it all goes wrong!

    1. I am sure she will.

      Yeah, that is one reason I probably didn’t go as high as I could. Doing squats without a spotter is no problem in my mind because of how strong my legs are. I guess the same could be said for deadlifts. But doing bench press without a spotter scares me a bit. I’ve seen people get crushed under the weight and would hate for that to happen.

      1. you are right, squats are not as much of a problem because a) my legs are stronger, but also you can set the bail out bars so that is not too much of a problem…

        Bench presses however worry me too! THe only person who ever comes to the gym with me can only bench half as much as me (and only because I convinced her that the olympic bar was not scary) so I can spot her but not the other way round…

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