People may have already seen this, but it made me laugh listening to it and I was quite impressed.  Keep in mind, this is not my type of music at all.  I do not choose to listen to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.  However, I listen to this type of music daily because my wife and kids love it and I am quite obviously outnumbered.  To be fair, the bass in the song is pretty cool and it is slightly better than things like N*Sync and One Direction.  But it’s still “pop” music which is just not my thing.

Anthony Vincent does what he can to make it cool, however.  He sings the song in 20 different styles.  Everything from Pantera to Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson.  He does a pretty good job and I may have to go and check out some more of his stuff on YouTube.  But in the meantime, enjoy…

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