Independence Day. The day America turns 243 years old. I’m not going to get political, but while she ain’t perfect, I’m still proud to be an American. And I’m proud of how well I did on my first day of the four day weekend.

First of all, I slept great. Sleep is so important and it is something I don’t get enough of. Not necessarily because I don’t go to sleep early enough, but my quality of sleep is never the greatest. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with my weight. I probably need to get a CPAP but I’m too stubborn. Anyway, last night I slept like a log. More than 10 hours. It was lovely.

After I finally did wake up, I went for a run. It was a bit after 10:00 by the time I left and it was already dreadfully hot. I only did 3.1 miles and it took longer than I wanted, but it was also a tougher route that I trained for my half marathon on. There are a couple very steep sections which makes it a bit more difficult. But I felt accomplished anyway.

After showering I was able to relax and watch some television (new season of Stranger Things is out!) and then I went to my in-laws to hang out for the holiday and have dinner. They got KFC and I actually weighed and logged my chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and coleslaw (my wife made the coleslaw and it was delicious). Then I had dessert (Halo Top ice cream is the bomb).  I even had room for some chocolate chip and peanut butter oatmeal, but by the time I got home it was too late, so I saved all those calories as well.

All-in-all it was a good holiday and I kept everything in check as best I could. Only three more days to go before things are back to normal.

Daily details:
Exercise – I ran a 5K and got all my steps in (total of 11,979 steps today)
Tracking food – Done 100% accurately and enjoyed some KFC
250+ Steps – Only 9 out of 14 hours today thanks to sleeping in
Sobriety – 9 days and counting
No soda – Drank nothing but coffee and water.  Still missing soda a lot but not quite as bad today

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