I am down 16.7 pounds overall and 4.2 through the week. That is definitely not a bad way to start off the first couple of weeks of this project.

One thing I wanted to note… I know that correlation is not causation and I don’t plan on writing a peer reviewed paper on it, but I have noticed a trend when it comes to my weight. As I mentioned before, I am weighing daily knowing full well that it can fluctuate. What I am finding interesting is what seems to be the reason that it fluctuates up even after I have a good day of exercise and eating. Any guesses?


So sleepy…

No matter what I eat (because I basically eat the same thing daily) I notice that the times when I have a daily increase in weight are after I’ve had a rough night sleeping. The closer I can get to 7 hours or more, I tend to lose weight the next day. When I am closer to 6 hours or even less due to struggling falling or staying asleep, I tend to gain. Again, it’s not a scientific study (although plenty have been done), but it is something I’ve noticed over the last 2 weeks. Like Friday and Saturday night I slept very well and lost weight both mornings after. But Sunday night I had a tough time sleeping and I actually was up a little bit. So get your Z’s!!

I also decided to do some strength training today vs. the volume training with the HIIT 100s. I think it is good to mix things up so I am going to alternate until I can no longer lift in 2 weeks. Once I get back from my surgery, I will continue alternating volume vs. strength. So today I did 3 sets + 1 dropset of all of my lifts. On top of that, I did 800 meters of rowing for the Lazy Triathlon that I signed up for which started today. I need to get the rowing/swimming part done before my surgery because I can still bike and run in a sling.

Following up with yesterday, I did not wake up hungry despite not eating half of the food that I had planned, so that is a great thing. Hopefully I can figure out a way to fit it all in because I don’t want to be TOO far under my calories, especially when I am exercising on Tuesday and Thursday and not taking an active rest day like I do on Sunday.


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Bench Press 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 4,070 pounds (4 x 200 max)
Dumbell Chest Press** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,530‬ pounds (5 x 70 max)
Incline Dumbbell Fly** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,185‬ pounds (5 x 55 max)
Close Grip Pulldowns 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 1,500‬‬ pounds (7 x 60 max)
Dumbbell Bentover Rows** 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 3,740‬ pounds (4 x 180 max)
T-Bar Rows 3 x Max Reps + 1 Dropset 3,165‬‬ pounds (6 x 135 max)
Rowing Machine 800 m 5:28
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Completely accurate, stayed in my calories but a little high due to extra exercise
Steps 15,368
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 20 days
No soda Water, water everywhere

**Denotes weight is shown in per-hand weight (2 dumbbells/cables used)

4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 1: 301.3

    1. Definitely. I’ve seen my weight fluctuate up every time I get poor sleep. And I am sure there are many more other issues with getting less than is needed.

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