I normally don’t take my laptop home from work unless I’m specifically asked to by my boss. I like to try to keep work and home life separate as much as possible. However, that will be changing this week. I was asked by a co-worker in Dublin to cover his area (which I am fine doing) and received two requests after I left work that needed to be done before 4:00 AM today. Well, my only alternatives were to drive to work and do it last night, or come in early. So I have been up since 2:30 AM.

I got one project done fairly quickly but the other one didn’t have all of the pieces I needed. Essentially, I was told that all of the components of the code I needed were ready, but when I got to work, they weren’t there.

I would normally be completely irritated to find out that I had gotten up early (or drove to work, or tried to work in the evening, or any other alternative) for nothing… to find that the people who were supposed to do something before I can complete a project didn’t finish – especially when I have multiple e-mails saying it is ready. But I decided to take a different perspective today. I was able to complete one of the requests and also had a great workout.

After I finished working, I decided to go get my workout done and come back to work. I normally exercise at the gym here or run around the area, so it was no different than usual except I actually worked for an hour and a half before I ran. So I started running and actually completed the first 2 miles in under 19.5 minutes!


Even my overall time was great, exactly 11 minutes per mile for five miles. It isn’t where I was 4 months ago, but it is something I am super proud of after only 3 weeks of really pushing myself.

And that’s the whole idea here… you have to choose which path you are going to go down. You can go down the one that leaves you upset, frustrated, irritated and blaming others. Or you can go down the one that shows improvement, inspiration and a drive to keep changing yourself.

After all, this isn’t all about changing just my body for the better.

The rest of the day went well though I felt all out of sorts. I got plenty of work done, plenty of walking done, drank lots of water and enjoyed my decaf, and ate a new concoction of low carb food for my low carb day (chicken and meatball marinara with spinach which was AMAZING). I spent some time with my wife, played League of Legends with my friends and am about to pass out and sleep like a log!

Exercise Reps/Distance Volume/Time
Run 5.0 miles 00:55:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked to a T
Steps 16,950
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 28 days in a row
Soda? No… Coffee and water… and coffee

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