Here’s the recap for week 9 of my Project 7×52!

Exercise: A
Still got in exercise every day even with the foot pain and the inability to use my upper body for weight lifting.  I did two days of leg day so I guess that is good as well.

Steps: A
I got over 10,000 steps every day and totaled 108,173 for the week (almost 1,000 more steps than the previous week) which is an average of 15,453 steps per day.   Despite the setbacks for the week, at least one thing went up in a positive way!

250+ Steps Per Hour: A
I averaged more than 12 hours per day with 250+ steps again this week.

Food Tracking: C-
Everything was pretty good until Friday.  And even then, I tracked everything fine until Sunday.  Sunday I just let things go.  It was a pretty rough weekend and it really did basically ruin all the work I did through the week.  Definitely something I have to work on.

Overall grade:


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