I don’t mind going up in weight a little bit.  This was with weighing after my birthday as well as not being able to exercise for a week.  I know that it will eventually come back down, so no concerns there.

It did feel good to be back to the gym, though.  I can’t confidently say that my feet are back to 100%, but I can’t continue not working out at some capacity, so I hit the gym again on Monday to do legs.  I decided to do pyramid sets where I would start lighter with higher reps and work up to a heavier weight with fewer reps while resting between each set.  I would then go back in the opposite order without any rest until I reached the lighter weight/higher rep.  I think it gives a good strength and cardio workout.  I finished up with the elliptical for 15 minutes and headed to work.

When it came down to steps, I rocked those as well.  I almost had 100% of the 250+ steps per hour, but I missed on one hour.  I did get well over my 10,000 steps so no worries there.  I continued to not drink alcohol and tracked all of the food and drink that I put in my mouth.

The problem there is that my wife had a party at work where there were food trucks with essentially endless amounts of food to eat.  I did partake and enjoy, but I logged everything that I ate.  And while I did eat more than I originally planned, I was still within my allowed calories, so I don’t feel too bad about it.


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Squats Pyramid 5-1-5 (37 Total Reps) 7,930‬ Pounds
Banded Hip Thrusts Pyramid 10-5-10 (81 Total Reps) 6,355 Pounds
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts Pyramid 10-5-10 (41 Total Reps) 3,525‬ Pounds
Leg Extension Pyramid 10-5-10 (41 Total Reps) 4,620 Pounds
Elliptical 1.38 Miles 15:00
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Accurate although more than I had planned
Steps 17,020
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 76 days

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