I know that I was told by my doctor to “chill out” out the lifting, but I wanted to try some things that didn’t impact the shoulders much.  So I decided to do trap bar deadlifts and a couple sets of curls.  Everything went well, but the workout was short due to an adjustment I had to make in my schedule.  I did max out (more or less) on the deadlift since the bar couldn’t hold any more weight.  I then did curls and immediately went into Run The Rack (RTR) with hammer curls where I do as many as I can and just drop down in weights and keep going without rest.  So not the greatest workout, but the most I really could do without involving the shoulder or just doing legs.

Work went well, not a lot going on just digging through a lot of data.  The good news is that I got approval to go to San Jose for work to meet with a few teams and build some ideas I’ve been working on, so that will be awesome.

Eating went well, I ate exactly what I had planned and maybe a little less.  The waffles my lovely wife came up with a year or two ago are very filling and make a huge pile on my plate, sometimes I am amazed I can get through them all.  But they are delicious.

Friday will involve an attempt at a run and an attempt to not eat more than I want… but it’s Friday and sometimes it happens.


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Trap Bar Deadlift 10/8/5/3/1/1 8,090 (405 max)
Curls** 10/10/8 830 (35 max)
Hammer Curls (RTR) 6/4/5/5 555 (35 max)
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Accurate although more than I had planned
Steps 11,490
250+ Steps Per Hour 11 out of 14
Sobriety 79 days

One thought on “Week 11 – Day 4: Deadlift

  1. Woohoo! Deadlifts are my favourite thing!!

    I have been banned from doing shoulder exercises/push stuff like bench press until my random unidentified injury is healed…so I can empathise!!

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