Here’s the recap for week 11 of my Project 7×52!

Exercise: A
I exercised all seven days this week including lifting, running, elliptical and yard work.  Couldn’t ask for a better week when it comes to exercise.

Steps: A
I got over 10,000 steps every day and totaled 99,479 for the week (over 50,000 more steps than the previous week) which is an average of 14,211 steps per day.   I didn’t quite make it back to over 100,000 steps, but not bad considering.

250+ Steps Per Hour: A
I averaged nearly 11 hours per day with 250+ steps this week.  I will count it as 11 because it is over 10.5 average and I would round down if it was below that 😉

Food Tracking: A-
My food tracking was good up until Saturday.  I had popcorn at the movie and then some more Brazilian food Saturday night and I am fairly sure I went way over my calories that day.  But I tried to track it all.  The other days were good.

Overall grade:


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