So my favorite days are days when good news happens.  Unfortunately, I can’t yet divulge the good news until a later time this week, but the news was divulged to me, so it was still a great day.

Other than the good news, I had a relatively good day but it seemed busy and drawn out.  I had a lot of work to catch up on because we had data issues previously, and a few other things I had to take care of, so it just sort of felt non-stop.  But at least I wasn’t bored.  Time didn’t fly because I wasn’t having fun, but it could have been worse.

As far as exercise goes, I didn’t feel that my leg workout from Monday was as effective as I would have liked, so I did it again.  Not the exact same workout, but more volume and focused on the legs.  I did pyramid squats, banded hip thrusts and finished with Calf Presses with 3 seconds time-under-tension (TUT).  Calf presses are pretty easy so I have to increase the difficulty by holding each press longer.  It really is how most exercises should be done, but most of us like to get them done quick.  I finished with 30 minutes of Hill Mode on the elliptical and went about my day.

I am getting a bit frustrated with my weight.  Despite tracking everything accurately, not over-eating, getting exercise… I am still either not losing or gaining slightly.  it is making me want to just eat if I am going to gain weight anyway.  But I don’t want to give up yet.  Just have to adjust and figure out what is going on.


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Squats 10/9/8/6/6/8/9/10 8,340 (200 max)
Banded Hip Thrusts 10/10/10 2,700 (110 max)
Calf Press (3 sec. TUT) 10/10/9 3,180 (120max)
Elliptical Hill Mode 30  minutes
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking All tracked
Steps 15,607
250+ Steps Per Hour 12 out of 14
Sobriety 84 days

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