Sorry that this is delayed. I had a busy morning and then completely spaced this. Then when I remembered, I got busy again. But it’s still right here, in all its glory.

Monday marked 90 days since I I heated any alcohol. That may not seem like a long time, but considering I generally went less than 24 hours between drinks – and drank a lot – it is a pretty good accomplishment. Also considering I spent an entire weekend in bars. Go me!

Monday was also my first day back in the gym for about 5 days. And I was going to do legs, but after doing one lightweight squat, I realized my back still wasn’t in the best shape. So I did some HIIT variations on the treadmill with the incline.

I got all my walking in, missed out on a couple hours of my 250+ steps but got most, and tracked all of my food. I didn’t eat the best, but not too terribly.  Overall it was a pretty good day.  But it makes for a long week when you get back from a vacation only to have work sandwiched in between a work trip (and yes, have to work there, too, but it’s different).

Also, on the good news front from last week, I believe I can officially announce it.  I was promoted at work!  Super excited for things to come and love the growth on the team that I am a part of.


Exercise Info Volume/Time
HIIT on Treadmill Alternating incline to max 57 minutes
Other Goals Notes
Eating/Tracking Tracked it all, ate decently
Steps 17,746
250+ Steps Per Hour 12 out of 14
Sobriety 90 days


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