I’m not sure if we can be friends if you don’t know who this guy is… just kidding, but seriously.  Breaking Bad was an amazing show, watch it.

Wednesday was a decent but busy day.  Had some announcements at work that always make the grumblings start talking (our CEO stepped down) and had a couple meetings and side-by-sides to deal with.  Overall, I was surprised I was able to be on my feet as much as I was.  I had over 10,000 steps before I even walked out of the gym in the morning, and ended up with a great number.  Much of that was the elliptical that I spend over an hour on.  My feet feel like they are so close to being back to normal, I am avoiding doing things to go backwards in that aspect.

Food is still a struggle for me.  That is why I brought up Huel in the title.  I haven’t talked about it much here I don’t think, but it is a meal replacement supplement that I have been using for quite a while.  It tastes pretty good, can be made into smoothies and shakes and even waffles, and I have been known to make bread out of it and eat sandwiches (thanks my love)… but it is getting old.  I can normally eat the same thing on repeat and not mind it.  But I think I have been eating this off and on (a lot on) for almost a year and a half and it is just growing old.  So as much as I hate wasting food, I think I may be done.

I had my wife post it on a local classified site to see if anyone wanted a great deal for it, but they expire between November and January, so I can’t just hold onto them indefinitely.  I just can’t eat any more of it.  I didn’t even finish my fruit smoothie yesterday.  So now it is back to square one with food.  The biggest pain in my butt.  I can work out, I love to work out, but eating is just my bane.  When I fall, I fall hard, and sometimes it is hard to scramble back up.  Especially when it tastes so good!

Anyway, hoping Thursday can be a good day!


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Elliptical “Hill Climb” mode 1:15:00
Eating/Tracking Ate more than usual, but within my calories
Steps 23,498
250+ Steps Per Hour 11 out of 14
Sobriety 92 days

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