I am getting very tired of doing the same workout routine (apparently getting tired of the same food and exercise is a thing) and decided to just give my feet a tiny, little test on Thursday. I got on the elliptical for half of the time I was there and did the normal “hill mode” because it is the best workout on that machine. Then the other half I got on the treadmill and did some incline work. While doing that, I decided to speed up a little to jog. I don’t want to push it too far because I really want my feet to heal, but for the few minutes that I did it spread throughout the walk, it didn’t feel too bad. I definitely feel the effort was worth the attempt, but I am glad it didn’t start hurting or get worse. I am hoping by the time I get back from California I will be able to start running again a bit more.

Speaking of California… I know I am not going to eat well. Okay, I am going to eat WELL, but not good well. But I will do the best I can while enjoying myself. And when I get back from California, I am bound and determined to start really progressing again. Hopefully I can exercise more, run more, maybe start lifting and I will definitely be eating better.

Thursday was a busy day at work like usual. We also had a teammate in from Dublin so we went to lunch. Tomorrow should be a nice Friday with some Python training thrown in and a bunch of SQL work that I need to do, but nothing too crazy.

Exercise Reps Volume/Time
“Hill Climb” mode
Incline mode
35 minutes
35 minutes
Eating/Tracking Ate and tracked, not the best again
Steps 17,372
250+ Steps Per Hour 13 out of 14
Sobriety 93 days

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