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The deadlift really is by far my favorite lift.  Such raw power.  Feeling yourself rip the weight from the floor with as much strength as you possibly can.  Nothing quite like it when it comes to lifting weights.  That’s why it is always a competition with the professionals to see how much they can deadlift.  Sure, they do squats and other lifts, but deadlift is where it’s at.  I’ve seen videos of some of the strongest men bleeding from their noses because they are putting so much into it.  Is it safe?  Probably not, but it is powerful.

I – of course – am not nearly the strongman that these guys are so I can’t lift nearly as much.  I also don’t have the grip strength they have (which is a work in progress) so I tend to do the trap bar instead of the olympic bar when I do deadlift.  It is easier to grip and more comfortable to use.  It also has limitations on how much weight I can put on it and working on my grip strength, so it has its downsides.

Thursday I was actually able to ALMOST get my deadlift goal sorted for the year.  In my about page I talk about some goals I had for this year. One of those was to get up 450 pounds from my trap bar deadlift.  Thursday I was able to max out at 425 pounds, and that was after doing 45 reps before trying to max out!  So it is quite possible that I could have maxed out if I had been more strategic.  I am excited to at least see if I can reach that one goal this year.  The bench press goal obviously won’t be happening, and I really haven’t tried much with the squat goal.  The good news is that all of my running times were broken this year, so those were met!

Other than the awesome deadlift, the rest of the day was about as usual as it could be.  Busy day at work, plenty of walking and all of that, and good food was eaten.

Just need to get through Friday and I can relax over the weekend!  After another running effort on Saturday, of course.


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
Deadlift Circuit Deadlift – 10×135/10×185/9×225/7×275/5×315/3×365/1×405/1×425

Battling rope (30 sec. per round)

10,225 total pounds

4 min. Battling Rope

Eating/Tracking All tracked, well within my calories
Steps 14,908
250+ Steps Per Hour 12 out of 14
Sobriety 107 days


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