Tuesday was the beginning of the stressful part of the week.  Lots of meetings, side-by-sides, lots of work to do, and even a doctor’s visit (which really wasn’t bad, but still added to it).  I handled it rather well I thought and didn’t eat anything extra, didn’t drink, didn’t go crazy.  I just exercised, worked and made the best out of it.

I got a great workout in and then went to work and had countless meetings.  Luckily I was able to get out a bit early to head to the doctor for my (hopefully) last follow-up after my shoulder surgery.  They told me everything looked good including my range of motion, that I could start lifting again but should start light, and that if the little bit of lingering pain isn’t got in another four weeks that I might consider getting cortisone shots.

Other than that, everything was peachy.  I went home, ate, spent time with my wife, then played some games with my friends until bedtime.  Ah, the life of a 39 year old!


Exercise Reps Volume/Time
21s Curls**
Tricep Pushdown
21×20/ 21×20/21×20
2 mins between sets
4,500 pounds total
Spider Curls**
Tricep Extension
10×20/ 10×20/10×20
2 mins between sets
2,400 pounds total
Cable Curls
Tricep Kickbacks**
10×50/ 10×50/10×50
2 mins between sets
2,100 pounds total
Incline Treadmill 8% Grade 10 minutes @ 2.8 mph
Eating/Tracking Tracked everything and stayed in my limits
Steps 13,593
250+ Steps Per Hour 12 out of 14
Sobriety 119 days

** Denotes weight per hand

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