So as I said yesterday, I was told by the doctor that I could start lifting again.  I didn’t mention to them that I have been doing everything but chest, back and shoulders… but I’ll let that slide.  So Wednesday I decided to go really light and try out what I could do.  And I found that I have a very long way to go.

I started with bench press going light and immediately had a little pain.  It wasn’t the kind of pain that makes you want to stop, but the kind of pain that means my shoulder is going to hate me for a while.  I did as much as I could, maxing out at almost half of my previous maximum weight.  I then did some incline bench press which was even worse.  I pushed a little, but not too much.

Other than that I did some walking, lots of walking through the day despite my meetings, ate lunch with my coworkers but kept it all under control and didn’t eat anything once I got home (despite wanting to) and had a really good day overall.

I am just hoping that next week will be a bit less stressful.  This week has been very busy and I have had more time in meetings than I have working, so I have to play catch up a bit.  But it’s okay… comes with the paycheck I suppose.


Exercise Reps/Notes Volume/Time
Bench Press 10×70/10×90/7×115/3×140 2,825 pounds total
Incline Bench Press 10×70/8×90/6×11/3×120 2,440 pounds total
Incline Treadmill 10% Grade 20 minutes @ 2.8 mph
Eating/Tracking Tracked everything and stayed in my limits
Steps 12,711
250+ Steps Per Hour 11 out of 14
Sobriety 120 days

** Denotes weight per hand

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