Here’s the recap for week 17 of my Project 7×52!

Exercise: A-
I did actually exercise all 7 days this week even though I didn’t head out and go to the gym on the weekend.  Technically, that checks the box.  However, dinging it a bit since I decided to actively skip out on the gym.

Steps: B+
I got over 10,000 steps only six days this week and totaled 83,025 for the week which is an average of 11,860 steps per day.  I dropped quite a bit in overall steps as well as average steps, and really need to put a bit more focus onto this.

250+ Steps Per Hour: B+
I averaged just over 10 hours per day with 250+ steps this week.  Even though I skipped out on really trying a couple of days, I put in enough work the rest of the week to make up for it.  It was just baaaarely over, though.

Food Tracking: C-
Once again, my food tracking started off okay and then just flopped as it got closer to the end of the week.  I did a bit better than last week, but not much.  This is my biggest pain point when it comes to losing weight.  I love food!

Overall grade:


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