cropped-48379906_2049536701803123_912335973763776512_n.jpgI am a 38 year old happily married man.  I have 4 beautiful children that I want to be around for and a beautiful wife who deserves to have to put up with me for a very long time.  I made bad decisions in the past and have decided – with my wife – to change those decisions and make a new future.

I have always been a large person, whether in school or after, but I have always had a love obsession with food.  I would eat even when i wasn’t hungry, snack “just because” and choose the worst things in the world to eat.  In 2009 I weighed 400 pounds and decided to change.  I changed how I ate, changed how I viewed food, changed how I exercised and changed how I lived.  Over the course of a year I lost 150 pounds.  I felt great, I looked great and I loved running around with my kids.  Then life happened.

I went through a divorce.  My kids ended up hundreds of miles away from me.  None of this was easy but I thought I had handled it pretty well.  Then I realized one day that I had turned back to food for comfort.  I hadn’t gained everything back, but I had gained half of what I had lost.  There was no way I wanted to get back to where I was before.  There was no way I was going to weigh 400 pounds and be in pain all the time and look the way I did and not be able to do anything fun with the kids.  I decided to make a change.

My wife and I are on a journey and it is a permanent one.  Thanks for coming by and if I can inspire one person to make that change, it was worth it!

Below are goals I have been working on.  They have been updated recently as I was able to do a half marathon and break my other race goals along the way.  My lifting goals are a bit tougher but I am still working on them.

**UPDATED October 14th 2019***

Goals I want to break (or keep breaking):

°3.1 miles – 27:28 (8:51 per mile) 01/26/2019
°6.2 miles – 57:36.5 (9:17.5 per mile) 02/09/2019
°9.3 miles – 1:36:11 (10:21 per mile) 02/23/2019
°13.1 miles – 2:08:27 (9:48 per mile) 03/16/2019

°Bench Press Goal – 265 pounds
°Squats Goal – 390 pounds   10/21/2019
°Deadlift goal – 455 pounds (Trap bar)   10/14/2019

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    1. Wow… thank you very much. I have never even heard of that award but I will certainly be glad to accept the nomination and follow the rules you put forth for it. If anyone deserves the award, however, it is you.

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